Lighting Packages

Enhance the ambiance of your event with our uplighting, Gobo lighting, or monogram lighting.

Standard Dance Floor Lighting

From: $200.00

Our Standard dance floor lighting is an excellent addition to any package. It includes an array of colors that will enhance the décor of the room and the experience with your guests.

Monogram/GOBO Lighting Package

From: $450.00

This lighting effect projects your name/initials of the wedding couple on the floor, ceiling, or wall.

Up Lighting Package

From: $650.00

This is another way to add a “POP” to the room. Up-Lighting around the room has become extremely popular and is a spectacular way to decorate a venue.

Basic Lighting Bundle

From: $750.00

Most Popular!

Standard Dance-Floor Lighting & Up-Lighting

All Inclusive Lighting

From: $900.00

Standard Dance-Floor Lighting, Up-Lighting & Monogram/GOBO